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The King of Grooming - American Crew

As always American Crew is on the front line of grooming trends. They are always developing new ways to keep men looking stylish every day.

I recently had a chance to go over American Crew's new product line and I was impressed to find that I LIKE EVERYTHING! But I did narrow it down to my favorite 3 products for you.

Boost Powder : Boost Powder will give your hair that extra 'boost' of volume and texture your need. Simply apply a little at the roots and massage it in, then apply your styling product as usual. You will notice that your hair will stay more voluminous and textured for longer.

Although this product is for everyone, I especially like to use it on fine hair.

3-IN-1 Tree Tree: A convenient 3-IN-1 product that acts as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash. This is great for men on the go, especially when you travel a lot. One product that does it all.. including lightening your suitcase weight .

Liquid Wax: I like this product because it helps solve the problem of hard wax. I find it difficult sometimes to apply hair wax liberally and evenly on my clients. With the 'liquid wax ' its so much easier to style. And if its easier for me, then its easier for you at home. Don't forget to add some Boost Powder


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