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How to stay Oscars red carpet ready all night!

Usually we all looked fabulous leaving the house, but it's a hot mess by the time we get to the event. The classic 'racoon eyes' are in full effect and your Victoria Secret waves looks like you just walked out of spin class.. WTF!?

After an award show like the Oscars I usually get a lot of women asking me: "Just how do I make my makeup last all night like those stars on the red carpet?"

When I do a client for the red carpet it's usually hours before they appear on the carpet. We will go over what she will be wearing, what hair goes with the dress and only then will we decide on the makeup look. Once we start it's a 2 or 3 hour process before she leaves the door.

Gurl I feel ya! We don't all have that kind of time or a team of people helping either. I myself like to do my makeup in 5 minutes and put a few curl in my hair.

So here are few tips that will help your makeup last all night:

1) Skin

If you like a full coverage that will last all night then you want to make sure you set your foundation with powder or buy long wear foundations. Long wear foundations are heavy so be prepared for a full coverage. If you tend to sweat a lot, long wear foundation will definitely be the better option. I myself like to use Armani, Makeup Forever and as of late Lorac. Non of these are super long wear but I like to make my foundation buildable and I set them with powder to make them stay longer. Armani will always have a dewy finish but stays.

2) Lips

One of the easiest ways to make your lipstick stay longer is to use 'long wear' lipstick. If you like a red lip, you need long wear lipstick. There are a few brands I like that will help you achieve a 5-8 hour stay.

  • Maybeline Super Stay

  • Stila Stay all day Matt Lipstick

  • Milani Aamore Satin Matt Lips Creme

3) Mascara

To prevent yourself from getting those pesky mascara smudges under your eyes stick with waterproof mascara. Curl your lashes. A lot of us have very straight ,but long lashes and if you don't curl them the mascara can easily transfer to your cheek bone when you are blinking. Try Eyeko Waterproof Mascara Worse case, avoid putting mascara on the bottom lashes too.

4) Concealer

Make sure to set your concealer with a lightweight powder. If you don't set it, it can sometimes interact with the mascara and eye shadow under your eye, giving you the 'raccoon eye' we all loath.

Pro Tip: I like to apply concealer under the eye only after my mascara has dried. that way if your concealer is creamy it wont break down the mascara.

5) Setting Spray

After you have done your makeup and ready to go it is great to use a setting spray. It will help keep your makeup in place and make it last longer. Just be careful when you want to apply makeup over setting spray, it will grab onto product easily making things look blotchy. So only put setting spray at the very end.

...AND Don't forget the blotting paper.

Final note: when I'm not with a celebrity all day/night I always give them a little touch up bag with lipstick, blotting paper, powder and 1 or 2 Q-tips to clean up under the eye if need be.

Have any questions? Hit me up here


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