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Makeup Forever Aqua XL Review

My latest beauty editorial I wanted to do something classically beautiful. I experimented with the Makeup Forever Aqua XL products and it came out beautifully.

Lets review the Aqua XL

  • Aqua XL products dry fast so work fast.

  • A little goes a long way. In some instances I used the Aqua Seal to thin out the color to give it a softer appearance.

  • You can also use Aqua Seal to reactivate the product if it has dried on your palette. I did the same with the Aqua seal pencils and made eye shadow out of them.

  • You can incorporate eye shadow on top of the aqua XL as well, the key is to not apply the aqua XL to thick, it will crack and sit in the crease. Think of it as a wash of color, its all you need since the color is so intense.


Magazine: Ellements Magazine

Photographer: Adrianna Favero

Makeup: Liz Olivier

Styling: Cat Pope

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